Calvary Baptist Church Ladies Ministry comprise a core group of women hose main purpose is to provide support for the general ministry of the church. This support takes the form of prayer, Bible study,exhortations, quizzes, lectures on pertinent topics,practical sessions and coordination of all social events on the  church calendar. Recently the group has recognised birthdays and anniversaries of the membership by giving gifts and organising celebratory gatherings at the end of each month.

Currently the group is led by Sister Margaret Charles ( President), Sister Rosalie Piare (Vice President), Sister Agatha Gerald (Treasurer). On average about eight to ten ladies attend meetings held every other Thursday at 7 pm. Occasionally, the group visits other churches for ladies rallies and other special events. There have been visits to homes, institutions for the elderly and arrangement of packages to distribute to the needy.

This year the group invited all the women of the church to a rally on the Corpus Christi holiday. This event fostered a bond of unity among ladies of all ages in the church. It is hoped that this will be an annual fixture on the church calendar and encourage more women to participate in this meaningful ministry.